Tohla Chat

When you are in the mood for some fun and want to share your thoughts sans any fear, log on to our desi chat platform This site is an absolutely innovative platform for indulging in 1 on 1 chat with people across the globe.

The chats are totally anonymous and you can disconnect from the chats whenever you want without any hassle.

Tohla Chat

Tohla presents some very interesting apps such as Hot or not, Draw and share which will catch your fancy. With a hot or not app you can get your picture rated for appeal. Vote for the Ajnabee on tohla and see how entertaining it is.

You can also see what Ajnabee draws and puts on the web. Just a word of caution, share your personal details only in case you are sure of the other person. Do not post inappropriate content or pictures on


Tohla is a free random chat site where every time you click the connect button, you will be connected to random persons.

You can communicate with different people for as long as you like, and once you click the connect button, you can quickly jump into the random chat and start chatting with random people about whatever you want to share or ask.

Omegle India

Tohla is originally inspired by Omegle. Omegle launched in March 2009 with a text version chat site whereas Tohla is launched in September 2010.

It is also known as Omegle India, the Indian version of Omegle.

Desi Chat

The word “desi” meaning in Hindi is LOCAL and “chatting with local people” means desi chat.

Yes, Tohla is a place where you will find people talking in their desi language that’s why Tohla is also knowns for desi chat.

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