How to use Tohla India is a random chat site where you can chat with strangers without having to reveal your real identity. You just have to log on the portal and start chatting. The site also provides some very interesting applications such as hot or not, draws and shares etc. One can even indulge in video chatting on

But then one should be careful not to share one’s personal detailing such as mailing address, personal phone number, banking information etc with someone on the portal. The person with whom you are chatting can make use of such information to cheat you or to misuse your identity.

Also parents should be very careful about their children when they chat on the net. Internet is replete with sexual predators as well as cyber bullies. It is possible that your child is chatting with one of them. So parents should keep their guard on children so that they what their child is chatting about.

Some people like to share their photographs with others so that they get to know what people think about them. But then these pictures can be morphed and used in a wrong way. So avoid sharing your pictures with anyone about whom you are not at all sure. If at all any individual blackmails you on the net you can also get in touch with cyber police and ask them for help. Always keep in mind that people on internet are not essentially what they say they are, and so they can have intentions which are not aware about, and which can be criminal or injurious in nature. For that reason, do not dole out any personal details about yourself. Furthermore, do not get too emotionally caught up with any person you meet on the net. You should verify the background and real identity of the person before you get involved emotionally as well as physically with him. If anyone offends you on the internet, you just do not have to persist talking to him or her, nor have you to log on to a specific portal in case it bothers you.

Random chatting is an activity to rob you of your boredom. Do not let it interfere in your day to day life and bother you in any way what so ever. Log on to for entertainment and fun.