Risk Using Tohla

Tohla.in is a random chat portal where you get to meet strangers and chat with them minus any inhibitions. A person just has to log on to the portal and begin with chatting with any stranger. But then is little risk involved in chatting with a stranger. When you share your personal details with someone whom you really do not know, it can be harmful for you. The other person can store your chat and might blackmail you later.

This portal also has the facility of video chatting. When you video chat with a total stranger again your videos can be misused by someone who has an evil mind. Your pictures can be morphed and put on the internet for view of everyone.

Another danger for kids who are using random chat sites such as Tohla.in is that they can get involved with a wrong person. Internet is full of frauds and a child can easily get trapped by trusting a complete stranger. Also the world of chatting is full of cyber bullies and sexual perverts. The gentle mind of the child will unnecessarily be exposed to such evils of life and can leave an indelible mark on his or her mind.

Here I would like to present some startling facts to you

1. More than five million sexual predators are present on the web at any time of the day, whether day or night.
2. There is fifty percent probability that the stranger with whom you are communicating in a random chat room is a sexual pervert.
3. Twenty percent of children will have sex related requests on the web
4. Eighty nine percent of the children sexually solicited are approached either in some chat room or at time of instant messaging.

These 4 statistics are in accordance to a survey conducted by a law enforcement website. We cannot cut down these perils of random chatting. What we can do is to be vigilant while we are chatting with a stranger on Tohla.in. You should disclose your personal details only after you are sure of the other person and have chatted with him for quite some time. Also one should never write things on chat which can be used to one’s disadvantage later on.

Avoid sharing your photographs with someone whom you are not sure. In case any person blackmails you on net you can contact cyber police for help.

We are open to comments, suggestion and even critisism. We welcome all friends and critics to add to our list of “Risks using Tohla”