Parents’ Views

Parents’ views

We welcome you all to post your views regarding online chatting as well as cyber space. All you parents out there have lots of questions and notions in mind. We want you to come ahead and share all of it with us. This will surely broaden the outlook of fellow parents and give them leads towards how to tackle their children in a better manner. You can come forward and discuss ways to control internet usage by children and how to keep a tap on what they do on the net.

These days’ children have become friends to their parents. You can guide them but cannot control them. Our life is synonymous to what we think in our minds. We all need to loosen up and welcome technology with open arms. Then only we’ll be able to reap fruits of its benefits. Let all parents share total joy and camaraderie with their children, because this is the reason why we have kids in life.

Here are some of the people who share their thoughts with us.

1. Mr. Brijender Singh
2. Mr. Anil Kumar Chaudhary