Anil Kumar Chaudhary

Anil Kumar ChaudharyAnil Chaudhary is a banker presently working in Citi bank in middle east.

Technologies are part and parcel of the today’s life; you cannot imagine your life without them at every step you have to use one or the other technological item. However, as a father of a young boy I am a little dicey about my son using the same. My mind goes through several questions thinking how to educate my son with the pro and con of technology.

Modern technologies’ lure children towards them; they become very excited to download an unused application on a mobile or computer. The use of these technologies is extremely beneficial in their day to day life they can get to know about so many things by the search medium of the internet which also increases creativity in the child. It can be greatly useful in completing his assignments and project works.

I cannot tell him, not to use the new techniques knowing that life is incomplete without it. Moreover, I don’t want him to be behind his mates and the growing world. My concern is that along with the unavoidable uses, there are lots of ways in which the child can misuse them, plus they are making the children lazier, playing video games reducing the physical activities leading to health problems such as fatigue and obesity.

The coming generation is more techno-savvy than we are, and they’re learning power is considerably stronger than ours. Home is not only the medium by which they learn things; there is an outer world through which they take on things often faster as compared to their family. Saying no to the immoral things may increase the curiosity of my child. According to my prospective best what I can do is to educate him. What is the positive, the negative effect and the guidelines which he should follow while using these technologies?