Brijender Singh


Brijender Singh is a Deputy Manager at WNS (WNS is a global business processes outsourcing company)

Kids today are so much influenced by technology that they cannot imagine life without video games, the Internet, etc.

Technology has had many effects on children, some effects are good, others not so good. Today’s children have become avid users of various technologies.

In the past, before the invention of computers, children prefer to play various outdoor games such as football or cricket.

But nowadays they prefer to play video games, and due to this, they are facing various health-related problems.

Issues such as obesity and addiction to gaming/the Internet are some of the challenges that we as parents are facing to protect our kids from Internet predators.

Due to its overuse children are becoming prone to mental illnesses. Many TV shows expose children to things that they may be too young to see.

This results in antisocial behavior such as aggression, assault, or physical fights among children.

On the positive side, technology allows children to learn in a whole new way. They can learn difficult and complex topics or information easily through interactive games.

If used in the right direction technology have a positive impact on children:

  • It accelerates and enriches basic skills among children.
  • Electronic material can be more stimulating and interactive for children.
  • It facilitates new fields through simulations and three-dimensional models that would not have been accessible beforehand.
  • Using modern technology, children pick it up at amazing speeds.
  • Specific devices have been engineered to cater to children with specific disabilities.
  • Allows parents to keep an eye on their children using cell phones.

We as parents should monitor the type of content kids are absorbing and limit their usage appropriately.

We should teach our children in such a way that they use technology as a supplement to traditional education, not as a replacement.