Desi Chat

Desi chat is one of the major preferences given in terms of interaction with one another. It creates a sense of belongingness with people, and thus people become more comfortable talking or chatting with one another.

Tohla Chat

Chatting with people in English sometimes creates a problem in communicating with others freely. Chatting becomes very easy for desi people as they are pretty sure with the words they are using to express views, thoughts, opinions.

It becomes delicate to make somebody understand anything regarding any kind of problem they are facing in their regular routine. Henceforth, there are a lot of positive aspects of desi chat which includes

  • Less miscommunication
  • Easy to understand
  • Sense of belongingness

It does not require framing of the sentence in other formal languages which takes a bit time, thus in desi chat, no time is required and so can easily be conveyed without thinking twice before speaking or conveying to others.

Desi Room Chat

Desi room chat consists of desi people who talk about or discuss everything in desi style.

It is a group of people discussing different issues or their personal problems in desi style so as to minimize the miscommunication so that people get easily connected and understand what is being delivered to them by the sender.

Thus, desi room chat recreates all the good stuff that can be made possible at that particular time so as to avoid all other hindrance that comes in away.

What is Desi?

Desi means Local.

What comes in your mind when you hear a word called ‘desi?’ Yes, the word desi relates you to your lifestyle or the way you behave in front of your friends and with family. It is the openness of oneself in whichever culture they are most connected with. It makes you feel comfortable and relieved when you interact with different people in your own desi language or in desi talks.

As it makes you pretty sure about the stuff or different things you are dealing with when you come into your desi lifestyle.

Desi Kushti

Desi People

Desi people have a totally different culture as compared to professional people. They tend to be informal in every condition they are dealing with because they are casual about things. They do not think before facing it, rather just do it casually and in an informal way which may or may not cause the problem in the future.

They are more understanding as compared to professional peoples, though desi people are not professional, so they have less knowledge about the things, which makes them difficult to compete with the existing world.

Tohla Desi Chat

For desi people, Tohla is a desi chat room. where you can connect to ajnabee and have one to one chat.

So, they try to live within their own comfort zone, ie, in their desi style, desi chat, etc. which brings them comfort in every aspect. They don’t even bother what other people think about their lifestyle or the way they live in ‘desi style’ cause they are happy in their own small world and does not require anybody’s help to make them feel happy.