Best Desi Chat Sites

Desi chat sites are somewhat fascinating and make you get better at approaching people. So if you are an Indian looking a good place to make find new people here’s a list of websites you might like trying. Remember however never to share your personal info on any of these sites.



Now here’s an option you might have heard of Omegle is by far the most famous chat portal around with its simple UI and a fairly large community it’s a good option for anyone looking for a person looking for one ,expect there are bots you see the annoying thing about Omegle is it’s popularity itself due to its popularity it has also become a primary source for bots generated generally to make users install client apps like Kik. But as much of the bots might be annoying if you look past that there are a huge community and diverse community of people.


  •  Easy to use UI
  • App for android devices
  • Video chat feature
  • Diverse community


  • Online bots
  • Promotion of other apps
  • And often a slow connection

Tohla Chat

Tohla Chat

Tohla chat is one of the first Indian desi chat sites that lets text talk to others. It also has some simple games which you can play if you are actually bored.

Add to it the plethora of people up to 1000 at times online you really get a chance to find a person you actually wanna talk. And if you somehow can’t there are, you can always entertain yourself with the game.


  • No registration
  • A big active user base
  • No irrelevant ads
  • Miscellaneous features like games


  • A lot of bots
  • Often a slow response or disconnection due to slow connection


Talk with Stranger

Looking for someone to talk to well, talk to strangers is one of the most engaging options for you. As the name suggests the website gets you connected with a stranger anonymously and has got a base of about 3k users online so well you don’t lack the options. Add to it the option of entering chat rooms to have group chats and there newest feature of doing voice calls this is a really good option for anyone looking just have a fun chat.


  • Decently good online community
  • Chat rooms
  • Voice call feature
  • Having the option for anonymous chat


  • Many boys online
  • Unrelated ads



Next up on the list is Yesi chat this website as the name suggests mostly has an Indian community. You see why it is not in the top 2 is because of its lack of stranger talk feature which is present in the earlier examples.


  • A Fairly big Indian community
  • No resignation for chat rooms
  • No bots


  • No anonymous chat feature
  • No video chat



All India chat as the name suggests is a chatroom website for Indians. Simple UI, no actual registration a great state-wise distribution of chat rooms helps you find people near you. Add to it the dating feature(requires registration) and this website a good package for whatever you might need.


  • All Indian community
  • Dating feature
  • No registration for chat room
  • State-wise distribution of chat rooms
  •  Music option in the chat room

Cons :

  • A rather small online community
  • Website is full of advertisements
  •  The dating feature is not best around


Talkmaza is at number 6 it’s relatively  small community and doesn’t exactly have a large number of chat rooms however what it has is a app for android and a really nice user base.


  • Mobile app
  • All Indian community
  • Easy to use
  • No bots


  • Very few chat rooms
  • The small online user base
  • No private message option


All 4 Masti

All4masti is another Indian chat room website it’s a pretty basic one at that but does it’s job perfectly the website requires no proper registration and has a decent community. With a lack of a lot of features like various chat rooms or anonymous chat, this one lies low on the list.


  • A large community
  • Private messaging a member is allowed
  • Easy registration


  • No video or voice chat option
  • A single chat room
  • A bug might log you out sometimes


Another website which as the name might suggest is mostly full of an Indian community. A simple login process coupled with a small but an active community makes it a fun little option and hey if u find an interesting person you can always private message them.


  • Simple resignation process
  • Healthy Indian community
  • Private message available


  • A buggy interface
  • Small community
  • Only a single chat room available

Start Desi Chat


Chat Karo

Once considered an Indian version of Omegle and a top website to just chat with strangers this website has its all well diverse set of chat rooms, a huge active community, and the ever-important private message feature. So why so low on the list well this website really struggles with connection issues to the point that sometimes you might not be able to text someone at all. But well all bugs can be removed and just the sheer popularity of the website had to bring it on the list.

Pros :

  • An active large community
  • City wise distributed chat rooms
  • Private messages available


  • Bugs
  • Connection issues


Megachatroom makes the last cut on them doesn’t mean that it’s bad or anything it’s got an active community. But frankly where it lacks is the size you might just find 5 people online at times on this site which compared to the other options isn’t that great that being said the website is user-friendly and just like others doesn’t require any registration and is free.


  • Easy to use UI
  • Active community
  • No registration


  • Small user base
  • No private option available

So this wraps up the list on the top 10 Indian chat websites an important note don’t share private information like photos or number on any of these sites cause you never know whom your talking too.

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