Don’t Talk To Strangers Online

Talking to strangers can be rather intriguing, especially for one in their teenage years.

And there are fair reasons to feel so you know being able to someone unknown allows you to say of your mind without being judged and then there is also the factor of meeting new people, making new friends and perhaps even looking for a relationship.

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Well, no matter the reasons today, let us talk about why you should visit any stranger chat websites and why you should not talk to strangers.

Someone watching you

Firstly when you talk to strangers online, you don’t know exactly what kind of person you’re talking to; you don’t remember their name age gender, or even the intention for being on the website.

The last one is the most important lots of catfishers are found on such sites. Catfishers are people who would act out of there to sound like they are a perfect match for you.

These guys are sexual predators looking for prays and can sometimes be upfront scammers.

There have been many cases in the past when the catfisher gets comfy with asking for pictures and then extorting you for money.

There have been many worse cases when such online encounters have led to sexual harassment of teenagers in most cases; the teenager is a girl.

These websites are also home to a bunch of pedophiles. Pedophiles are people who are attracted to underage kids.

The anonymous nature of these websites is just for these people to exploit.

They might often showcase them as young kids to get the attention of similarly aged kids and have a good time.

They just slowly grab their influence and then try getting into an intimate conversation, which is followed by asking for and sharing private pictures, which is as close to illegal as it gets.

Don’t reveal your information

As mentioned earlier, engaging in a conversation can also lead to fraud and scams.

There are a bunch of people out there who might act is slow, making talk to you for a while getting your details like name and address first.

Then, continuing for a while slowly getting all your details needed like bank details, and then wiping all the money off the account.

This is one of the rarer cases since no one generally shares their bank details with anyone, but it’s still a possibility.

Then there is the very possibility of hackers these guys might try getting your email and then hack into your account to get access to all your personal and in some cases, professional conversations.

In some cases, they might send you a file that on downloading might introduce ransomware or spyware into your devices, which can be used to sell your data online or ask you money for the data as a ransom.

 Then there is the genuine danger of life, sharing your information with someone online can get into real-life trouble kidnapping, sexual assault is easily possible if you share your name and address with someone.

In the end

So it’s essential to know why not talk to strangers online. It might put you in jeopardy, so stay safe and remember the internet is a freaking jungle full of predators, and your safety is in your hands.

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