I am bored

In everyone’s life there comes a time when people get bored with the work they are doing. They get pissed off with their work to such an extent that it becomes difficult for them to retain that interest which they had earlier for their work.

Playing boring game

Whatever kind of work you are indulged in, will surely lead you to boredom after a period of time. For example, if someone is crazy about playing games, so they play it all day and night to such an extent that they create hatred towards that particular game though. It brought them happiness playing that game earlier.

But playing it continuously for hours and hours loses interest in that game. And, finally creates boredom. Thus, one must do their work as per the requirement and as per the needs rather than doing it continuously as it will create boredom.

People get bored with the work they are dealing with. Likewise, people when facing boredom try to play some games that they used to spend their time for hours and hours in order to avoid boredom. When they play it now they create a sense of boredom, create a feeling of hatred and do not find it interesting.

So, one must be careful about the things while doing so that it does not create a feeling of hatred in the future.

Monotonous Work

Boredom is really a very common and very massive problem that every other person faces on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, this creates a feeling of hatred for that work, because after spending so much time on that work. You did not get kind of amusement or pleasure apart from your work which will then surely create boredom.

There are a saying, all work, and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so this is applicable to everyone who is more concerned about their work. It does not see anything apart from their work. It will create a sense of boredom not at that moment but surely after a certain period.

Sitting idle too create boredom, have no work to do neither interested in doing anything nor wants to engage themselves in doing anything. When people sit alone, idle and are not involved in any kind of work get bored easily.

Additionally, when one is free and also not investing their time in trying new things. And, experiencing new things will thus create boredom and the person gets bored.

Tohla boring game

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