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Humans are what we call a social species, what that means is that communication and interaction are an integral part of our life. This is further proved by the success of social media platform websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

That being said there websites on the web that lets you chat with strangers anonymously these websites are recently on the rise and today allow us, to see what exactly are these anonymous chat websites.

What is an anonymous chat?

As mentioned earlier anonymous chat means that you can anonymously  with strangers online, most of these websites do not require registration and hence it’s a great hassle-free way to meet people online,

That being said that that are websites that do follow the online registration model and still have a pretty active user base. Further, these websites have different modes of operation too, this is well discussed in our next section.

How do these websites work?

So these anonymous Chat websites generally  have two modes of operation

  1. Chatroom Model
  2.  The private  chat model

Chatroom Model

The chatroom model mainly operates by creating a chat room that is pretty similar to the chat groups we are used to on Facebook and Whatsapp.

Users either have to register or in some cases just open the website and start chatting in a group which is quite often divided by interests or region of the users.

You can also message any member of the room privately and thereby make a good acquaintance for yourself.

The private chat room model

This model revolves around directly connecting users to other users online and generally, no registration is required.

These websites generally have a user base of 3 to 7 thousand online. These users are then connected randomly to their people and so is how the cycle works.

It’s important to know that these websites often suffer from bad server connections and hence disconnection is also quite prevalent on them.

Another thing worth noting is that, unlike the chat rooms, this model does not classify its users by interests or region, and many times you can get connected to bots that just are used to promote other websites or chatting platforms like Kik.

Pros of anonymous chat

  1. Anonymous chat can be a really useful tool for people to get a better understanding of communicating and introducing themselves to strangers. It can be confidence-boosting and help you with a lot of informal or casual interactions at colleges or offices.
  2. It helps you find people with common interests near you, you can also get to know people around your region and maybe make new friends in case you’re new to the region.
  3. Sometimes it’s way easier to talk to strangers rather than talking to someone you know and being able to do that anonymously can really be a bane for people. (Though it’s highly recommended to share anything disturbing with your parents or some specialist rather than doing it online)
  4. You can get to know other cultures and people of different nations and it can be a great and useful experience

Cons of anonymous chat

  1. Bots can be frustrating and many times can lead you to insecure and sketchy websites
  2. It’s highly not recommended for kids to be using these websites as many times people here can use explicit and offensive language
  3. Talking to strangers can get real sketch at times and can lead to things like online fraud and identity theft.
  4. Such websites can also lead to crimes like online sexual abuse and sometimes even physical damage to the parties involved.

Things to keep in mind while using these sites:

  • Never share your details like name address or number online.
  • Never share your picture online
  • Avoid visiting websites mentioned by bots on these websites.
  • At least use a free VPN while using websites as these websites might have some hackers as their users

With all that said and then if still wanna use these websites here is a list of websites, you can use which are considerably popular and safe.

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This concludes our opinion on anonymous chat websites. Hope you find it useful and you keep our tips in mind if using the website

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