Omegle – Talk to strangers

With the fast-paced changing world, our ways to interact and meet people have changed. With the stepping in of globalization and internet in our life, meeting new people have become quite easy. You can meet them on various platforms on social media. One such platform is

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It’s a place where you can meet strangers from any part of the world and chat with them.

What age group can use this site?

Omegle has written clearly under its condition that-

  • Below 13- is not allowed on their site.
  • 13-18 – Children of this age bracket have to use this site with parental permission.
  • 18 above-Can use this site.

What are the ways to interact?

You can either-

  • Chat– You can chat with the strangers. Your identity won’t be revealed unless and until you want that. So, in this way, there are all the efforts done to keep you safe.
  • Video– You can have a video chat too If you feel you want to interact in that way.

Apart from this, there are some other options available-

  • Interests –If you want to find a person who has similar interests then you can specify that. Then you will meet people who have interests like yours.
  • College student-If you want to meet people from different colleges specifically, you can mention that. You will then get a chance to interact with the college people.

Is there an application for this site?

No, there is no application. You can just google and then you can use it after filling the specifications mentioned above. If you don’t want to use the specifications then you can randomly start chatting too.

Can we meet people who use different languages on this website?

Yes, there are more than 100 languages which are mentioned at the top of this website in which you can interact. You have to just find your language and you can easily find people to interact.

Is it safe?

Omegle has tried its best to make the site safe for its users, but there can be predators around which you have to be aware of. They provide a warning themselves regarding it.

       They say that you should either-

  • Stop the chat
  • Be careful all the time
  • Share anything about your life with others carefully.

Are there any Cons of using this site?

  • If meeting new people is the pros of this website then the chance of meeting a predator is among the cons itself.

Other Cons can be-

  • The site does not take responsibility for anybody’s behavior. So, you have to be always really careful.
  • Omegle won’t be liable for any personal damage which can also make this place a bit more unsafe for you.

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So, after reading all this, all will be clear in your mind and you can take a call whether this place is for you or not. If you feel it is for you then what are you waiting for? A whole lot of new friends are waiting for you out there. Google and become part of this family of 17000 plus people.