is a web application where one gets to know more about random people across 200 countries.

You are totally unaware of the person whom you will be chatting or talking to and on the other hand, the opposite person is also unaware of you.

So, basically this application provides an opportunity to make new friends rather than connecting with existing friends as processed in Facebook and other social media where you connect with the people whom you already know and had an interaction with one or another way.

But, is a totally different platform where you make new friends from other countries of the world on a single application.

The different features or categories you want to join and feel interested can join just by linking your username. The different categories are-

Dating Chat

The one who wants to go on a blind date can join this category and can have a date with the random people from the other side.

Teen Chat

The teenagers who wish to talk to teen people from other countries across the world can connect themselves in this category and enjoy their teen chat efficiently.

Kids Chat

Now, this chat basically belongs to kids chat where users are the kids and they chat according to their own way and their own talks related to cartoons or other stuff they feel interested in.

Singles Chat

In this chat, only the singles who are not committed and do not even want to date anybody join it so as to share their thoughts, opinions, views about whatever they like to.

Gay Chat

The one who is homosexual and is interested in talking to boys only can join this chat to make friends and speak their hearts out with the person.

Girls Chat

In this, particularly girls are only allowed to join the chat so as to chat about whatever they want to like all the girly girl’s talks related to makeup, and other stuff.

Boys Chat

In this, particularly the boys are only allowed to join the chat so as to talk about the stuff related to boys and their looks, hairstyles and all.

Video Chat

Video chat is to chat with the new people through video calls i.e., having a video chat with the people, so as to get them to know more clearly by recognizing their face expressions also. in this chat, voice chat or audio chat is available where one chats with the people directly on the phone rather than texting or typing the messages all around.

Adult Chat

in this chat, the people who are adult enough to understand everything properly and have adult talks to chat with can surely join this chat group, as it will be better interesting with them.

Lesbian Chat

lesbian chats are basically the one who is lesbian, so the lesbians to join this chat group and talk whatever they feel like chatting with the other lesbian as much as they can.

Sports Chat

in this chat, the one who is interested in sports and is crazy about sports can perfectly join this chat group because it will give you more knowledge and one will be freer to talk about things related to sports.

Regional Chat

in this chat, one who is very religious and cultural exotic about the things can join this chat group so as to share their own religion with the people and that person can share his/her religion here, which will create a sense of belongingness between the two.

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There are certain cons regarding which are as follows-

It can harm your intensions and sentiments if the person whom you are talking about is not good with his intentions.

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