Chatting has now become a worldwide sensation now which is being followed by each and every individual present in the world. Even from young ones to old age every person is surrounded by the chatting stuff.


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It’s quite an easy medium to talk to people and chat with people through texts which is beneficial for the introverts and also for the shy people.

So, gradually there are many advantages of where you can chat with anybody in the world, sitting anywhere in the world and at any time.

Though everything always has a boon and a bane, it goes hand in hand with every circumstance you do or face in your life. We will be discussing this article.

Pros of the

  • Overcome your shyness– this app will help you to overcome shyness by talking to different people in the world through chat which will help you to overcome your shyness and also to make you more confident about what you say and how you say so that it helps people to get your attention by your messages also.
  • Save your expenses– it will also save your expenses, as because you will not go anywhere or not travel to different places just to interact with new people and talk to new people also introverts will feel shy chatting to people face to face so it is better that you use because it’s a good platform to chat with different people of different places at whatever time you feel like chatting to.
  •  Helps you to become extrovert– is a good platform to become an extrovert as it will help you to overcome your shyness which you are unable to speak to somebody face to face and lack confidence in chatting to people, so gives a wonderful platform to chat to people from different areas of the world, and from different religion which will help you to know about them and also let you know about many things as much as possible.
  • Showcase your talent– to showcase your talent, can be the best platform where you can broadcast your talent and become the renowned person without revealing your name if you do not want to reveal your name. Everything present in this application is anonymous which means everything will remain hidden, nothing will be revealed without the approval of the user.

Cons of the

  • Society doesn’t accept– chatting to people whom you don’t know is not at all acceptable by society so it creates a bad image for society.
  • Not trustworthy– people believe that persons whom you don’t know or haven’t talked once are not trustworthy, so one must remain or keep yourself away from the unknown person to avoid any kind of issues related to trust or loot.
  • Can affect your life– talking to a stranger is not good, as it can even affect your life by looting you or through mental health.

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