How voice chat is better than video chat while talking to strangers?

Communication is an intrinsic part of managing any kind of business. As technology continues to strengthen, so should you. It says to use various methods of communication to better streamline your team coordination. Here you find how voice chat is better than video chat while talking to strangers;

One of those popular methods is voice chat, which is part and parcel of any business to reach out to strangers.

What is voice chat?

Are you eager to know what is voice chat? It is essential to understand the result of a conventional phone call and voice chat is like each other.

A traditional phone call travels through copper lines, while it uses a data network like internet connections. It makes use of voice over the internet.

It allows a person to make phone calls anywhere in the world using a laptop along with a fast internet connection.


If you have ever had to communicate some meaningful information by text, email, or messaging through, you know how much of a challenge it can be. Not just drafting the right message is time-consuming and difficult. Even misunderstandings are a real possibility, which may further obstruct the bottom line. Not only that emails and instant messages lack one crucial component- the sincerity of a human voice.

How It is better than a video call?

These are various benefits of voice chat as compared to video call while talking to a stranger. Find the following benefits below if you prefer to talk through voice chat.

  1. Does not require a secure and high-speed internet connection:
    You will be happy to know that it does not require fast and high-speed internet. It only requires 7-25 KB per second substantially lower compared to video calls, which need at least 130 KB per second to a full MB per second.
  2. We may add more people:
    To get to the maximum optimal best, a video call of up to 7 people may be executed so far. This is not just application availability, but also its productivity.
    Multiple calls provide an opportunity to bring people together and give everyone the right and opportunity to contribute to the conversation.
  3. More preparation:
    Voice chat does not require any preparation like a conference room, necessary equipment as compared to video calls. It does not need a proper physical presence or dressing up. You may do it from anywhere.

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