Namaste refers to the respectful greetings given while giving namaskar to the person. Namaste is a Hindi word that has a Hindi pronunciation; sometimes spoken as Namaskar or namaskaram which is in Sanskrit;

it is also a customary Hindu greeting. Though the gesture for namaste is widely used in the parts of southeast Asia where Indian religions are strong enough. It is used for both greeting and leave-taking.

Meaning of Namaste

Namaste in Hinduism means, “I bow to the divine in you”. It is not necessary to do the gesture of namaste while speaking; only spoken without the gesture can also be performed kindly.

Namaste joins Karma and Nirvana from Sanskrit. The religious and secular culture here amalgamates with the increase in the use of namaste.

The term namaste is associated with both Hinduism and yoga. Sanskrit is the ancient language used by the ancestors during Vedic periods. Many Americans first encountered the word “Namaste” when they read about the newly independent India during the mid-20th century.

The perfect way to do Namaste

Namaste is usually spoken with slightly bending your neck and slight bow and also palm of both hands pressed together and finger touching to each other or contact with each other pointing upwards, thumbs must be close to the chest. This gesture is called Anjali Mudra.

Namaste protect from Coronavirus

Namaste has now become the world’s new style of greeting due to coronavirus outbreak. People living in international countries have now adopted the namaste greeting so as to avoid being in contact with the others and also to avoid the coronavirus infections.

The namaste does not have any bad consequences on people’s bodies because it does not have any kind of bad effect on the people. Namaste has always been an Indian culture’s way of saying hello or giving respect to elders.

World leaders and Namaste

Prince Charles ditches handshakes greet people with “Namaste” is the news highlight to many channels.

India’s namaste has gone viral all over the world that even Trump hailed namaste, and greeted Leo Vardkar with namaste. World leaders are replacing handshakes with namaste and bows just to avoid any sort of infectious to other people.

Namaste is an authentic way to greet people; greet with namaste for zero bacterial transfer. Namaste has now become a worldwide gesture to greet someone rather than shaking hands with each other.

Namaste In Indian Culture

When a child is born in a family, even he/she from their childhood is taught to say namaste to his/her elder people as respect which has been given to his/her elders.

The way of saying is so easy and simple that parents teach their kids the way of saying namaste in all their forms.

Even Indians have a culture of touching elders’ feet which is also a good way to greet elders. So, every person from Indian origin knows the value of namaste. Now, comes the revert of namaste; the elders respond with “kush Raho beta” i.e., stay blessed, stay happy forever.

Read also say namaste to strangers

This is the common answer when someone says namaste to you. People from different cultures have their own way of saying whether in terms of language or tone it depends on their own cultural forms.

Thus, namaste is a good way and also a kind way to greet people, elders and also to every other person. There are many people who appreciate this gesture or position of doing namaste and are accepted by all the others.

Kids who do not even want to say namaste or greet people they automatically say namaste without creating any hindrance in their body. It does not even make any disturbance in the body neither create any effort nor force in the body to say namaste.


Additionally, it is a good way to greet someone physically and also create a good impact on the people.

These days due to large coronavirus outbreak, people all over the world greet each other through namaste only so as to avoid any kind of infection to one another. Therefore, to keep themselves safe and cured namaste is the best way to avoid any kind of infection.

Ancient period culture has been now used during the current generation of overall countries. Therefore, say namaste will all your heart out and with kindness so as to give divine love to others and receive it.

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