Omegle App

Are you looking for Omegle App? Omegle states on their website that “You don’t need an app to use Omegle on your phone or tablet! The website works great on mobile.”.

So, don’t download apps that claim to be the Omegle App!!! If you do this, you unknowingly invite a slew of advertisements, malware, trojans, and viruses.

Then, How can you access the site? Open site in browser every time or Create a shortcut just like an app on your Mobile Screen.

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can create a shortcut of Omegle website on your mobile

Creating Omegle App shortcut

In the browser address bar on your mobile device, type

Click the vertical three dots button once the website has fully loaded.

Omegle on Mobile

Select the “Add to Home Screen” option from the menu. It will prompt you for a shortcut name in a dialogue window. Then press the Add button.

Add to home screen

When it prompts you to agree, click the add button once again to add the Omegle shortcut button to your smartphone screen.

Omelge Shortcut

Next time just open your mobile and use the Omegle shortcut to open the chat site. No need to open the browser again.

Omegle App


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