ChatRoulette is an online chat website that lets you meet random users for webcam conversation. So, basically, this website is for video-based conversation.

Visitors or users begin their chatting through text, audio and then finally video with any other random user.

This online website is an online chat where one user can chat with another user online and can also voice chat and video chat.

Therefore, all facilities are given to them whatever type of chat they are comfortable with, they can easily chat with the random user at any time and at a long or short duration depending upon their feasibilities and time.

The language needed to chat with random users is only English. No other language can be used to chat.

Who develop ChatRoulette

The owner of this site is Andrey Ternovskiy and this online website is created by Andrey Ternovskiy. The revenue of this website is advertising. It is not a commercial type.

The registration is required to chat with the random user either audio or video, though it is free it is mandatory to register yourself before starting to chat with a random user.

ChatRoulette Launch Date

The website was launched on November 16, 2009, which was established 11 years ago from now and the current status of this website is active.


Within one year of the launch of this online website, Chatroulette received many criticisms, mainly with respect to the offensive, abstruse, or pornographic material where many users of this website were exhibiting.

Parents were scared of their children who use this website and tried their best to keep their children far away from using this website as they feel this website is a waste and makes the worst impact on children and also teaches bad stuff to children which would surely bring trash in the upcoming generation.

This online website faced many criticisms and due to the inappropriate content, they faced a lot of issues regarding obscene stuff which affected them a lot and made them depressive all their way.

The company has now found a way better by recognizing software that improves all these stuff and monitors all images and webcam feeds whosoever mark inappropriate content with one another and then immediately ban those users.

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Though this website helps you to open up with the ones whom you don’t know and also help you to overcome your shyness and in overtness, but can also destroy you if you do not use it effectively and precisely as there are people who don’t want welfare for you and are always behind you to damage your life and ruin you either mentally or emotionally. So, one must be alert and aware of what is being done and how are they been treated while chatting or during the video calls.

We must discuss some pros and cons related to the Chatroulette which are as given below-


  • Overcome shyness
  • Create a sense of belongingness
  • Mutual happiness
  • Create harmony
  • Get to know many things
  • Several adverse pieces of knowledge
  • Way to meet new people
  • Save travel expenses
  • Saves money
  • Save your time


  • Ruin your life
  • Deceive you
  • Hurt you emotionally
  • Loot you or fool you
  • Hurt your sentiments
  • Can create disharmony
  • Harm you personally


Thus, one must always keep in mind while talking to random people and not to trust them fully without knowing them personally. One must be aware of different circumstances, and if he gets a hint that the person is not well enough to talk then he can directly report his account for further actions and punishments.

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