How to start a conversation with a girl over a text

Communication plays a major role in everybody’s life. It is through communication that we are able to express our feelings or emotions to each other, otherwise, life would seem to be quite difficult without sharing thoughts, feelings to others.

Now, let us briefly know about how to start a conversation with a girl over a text, which means to start a conversation with a girl via messaging her either on social media or normal text messages.

Though it is quite difficult to start a conversation with a girl face to face because the fear-filled up to the next level would create problem and difficulty while talking, as well as there would be many ongoing thoughts like whether she will like me or not, whether she will talk to me or not, what would be her reaction after talking to me or will she just slap me directly. Therefore, there are plenty of thoughts that roam or wander in a guy’s mind when he has to talk to a girl face to face directly.

Start Chatting with girls

Let us discuss some of the points which must be followed by a boy to start a conversation with a girl over a text-

Don’t act desperate

this will be the major drawback for you and certainly, there will be no chance that girl will talk to you. Girls don’t like boys who start their conversation desperately, it reflects that a boy is dying to talk to her which creates a bad impact on a girl and thus you might even get blocked.

Start your conversation in a formal manner

A formal way to start a conversation begins with Hi, it neither acts foolish nor desperate so it is better to start with Hi. Then, you can start your conversation by asking her hobbies, things she wants to try, her dreams, her ambition and many more.

Show interest in her talks/things

This will boost up you’re your conversation rather than collapsing. This will help you to create interest in her talks and she will feel special and find you more interestingly which eventually will be a good start of your conversation. Gradually this will increase and boost up your inner confidence.

Whereas talking to a girl over a text can be considered quite easy because there won’t be any kind of physical reaction from girl’s side but the few reactions can be whether she will block me after seeing my message, whether she will revert back or not, thus these are the few thoughts which do wander in guy’s mind before messaging a girl.

Girls don’t want an impressive introduction or a brag of the type of introduction, just a normal formal Hi would be enough for them to reply to your message. Thus, be very calm, peace and honest in your conversation will add sugar to your brownie and thus ultimately you will be familiar with the girl with whom once you were scared off to talk to.

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