Valentine’s Day Surprise

Its been the end of January and starting of February and we all know February is mostly famous for valentine’s month. Every couple’s sugar delicious day; valentine’s day is on the way. Expectations, wishes, and desires have been made in each one of his/her minds. So, in this article, we will be discussing several valentine’s day surprises for unmarried couples as well as married couples.

February is the most awaiting month for the couples no matter, whether they are married or unmarried. Love doesn’t come in any size or shape so it is for all the loving couples.

Since it is at the starting of the year so, it is more important that one does not ruin it by making it filthy and damage. It is the day of love, day of honesty, day of trust.


As valentine’s day is coming closer and closer, the expectations, desires, and feelings are proliferating more and more. Couples are tensed to celebrate their valentine’s day in a completely different style so that it becomes memorable for them. Everybody has their own budget and own needs, so one must keep this in their mind and plan surprise accordingly. They can gift a teddy bear, a bouquet, or even plan a beautiful resort to spend alone time.

There are many ideas from tiny things to huge things, depending upon the budget one can select his/her ideas. Little things also create a big impact, the size of the gift doesn’t show how much you love your partner, it’s basically the emotions you share with them and you feel with them is all that matters to them. Thus, we have discussed different surprise ideas for boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, and wife which one can give to each other and can make their day more special and memorable without dwelling on their past valentine’s day.


A girl knows how to plan things, and they do plan things very ascetically that it looks nice and pretty and her boyfriend automatically gets fall for her again. Their efforts are so real that its noticeable to people, their pure love is all that makes her do things so passionately. Girls can gift her boyfriend with different items like a t-shirt, shirt, wallet, etc. gifting then each thing every day until the valentine’s day; and on valentine’s day, she can exclusively plan a beautiful lunch date or date night where they will get time to spend alone time.

Surprises do play an important part in the relationship as it sums up to a special bond and very crucial memory in the relationship. Girls have a beautiful and soothing voice, so she can also sing a song for him or can dedicate him a song of her own voice; this would really be very special for him. Surprise ideas for boyfriend from a girlfriend can be-

  • An AirPods
  • A pair of shoes
  • Customized t-shirt
  • An explosion boxes


We must focus more on this, additionally, girls’ expectations are quite more as compared to boys. At a time, boys don’t get offended more if they didn’t get a surprise, but if a girl doesn’t get any surprise on valentine’s day then it can create a big problem for their boyfriend.

The ideas for girlfriend can be gifting her a huge size of a teddy bear, gifting her a bouquet full of red roses, also a big basket full of chocolates. Though it gets difficult for the boyfriend to decide what to gift to her girlfriend, once this confusion gets sorted out, it comes up with a beautiful result, therefore boyfriend must be pure and honest enough to gift things to their girlfriend with love and sweet words.

You can also take her to an extravagance place or for a date night or candlelight dinner. This will surely impress her a lot more beyond her expectations and beyond. Surprise ideas for girlfriend from boyfriend can be-


A married couple though doesn’t mind enough to celebrate valentine’s day, but in their initial years of married life valentine’s day does matter them. So, plans or surprises given by wife can be given by arranging or decorating her bedroom full of flowers and candles; making it like their first night.

The wife can also order a cake for valentine’s day night and can enjoy their valentine’s day night at home. A night road trip would also be quite fun-loving and memorable which can be planned by the wife for her husband, making him love more than moon and back. Surprise ideas for husband from wife-

  • Cook delicious food for him
  • Take him to his favorite place
  • Bashing party plan


Similarly, as I have written for girls it is also applicable for wives. Expectations are high enough, so it would be better for husbands to maintain their wives’ expectations. Husbands can book or reserve a yacht, and surprise their wife taking them work. The husband can plan a trip, either abroad or in India i.e., on valentine’s week, celebrating each day i.e., rose day, propose day, etc. and finally valentine’s day this would add more sugar in their married life and they will live happily forever.

The husband has to organize a lot more than what his wife had done for him on valentine’s day, so he can her to the most romantic place in the world or in the nearby area. Surprise ideas for wife from husband-

  • Cook food for her
  • Visit the beautiful monument

Thus, these were the ideas for boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, and wife which they can plan for upcoming valentine’s day and make it memorable. Therefore, it’s the responsibility for each partner to create their valentine’s day more special and memorable by enjoying to the fullest and loving each other more and more till eternity.    

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