7 voice chat apps (2020)

Smartphones have transformed the tone of communication in this digital era. Modern advanced smartphones with good internet connections offer us free alternatives to voice and video calls. We are becoming less dependent on the internet.

You may get a mobile network almost everywhere that you can receive a mobile signal. and use voice chat apps to chat with strangers. Here is the list of 7 voice chat apps

Most of the people are around wi-fi most of the time. Nowadays technology is developing day-by-day, where we can talk over the internet almost as conveniently as over the phone.

Here is the list of Voice Chatting Apps for Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry that let you make a direct call to your friends and family members.


LINE is a well-known voice chat app for Blackberry, Windows phone, iPhone, and Android. This app also has a video chatting option. The modes of this app work like Facebook. To chat with anyone, tap a person’s name from the LINE list, and click on the camera button.

This application is free for all, therefore you don’t have to subscribe for voice chat. However, if you can subscribe to pay some extra penny, Lines enables you to make audio calls to landline phones and cell phones out of the LINE network.


This application is available on Windows, Blackberry, iPhone, and Android. It offers both voice chat and video calling options. With the help of this app, you may send a message, files, and animations.

The major feature of this application is that you may enjoy a game while chatting with someone and you may challenge your partner on the other end while voice chatting.


This app is a cross-platform voice chat and video calling app available for all smartphones and desktop OS. This app has various options like you may send a message, files, animation, and videos. They also permit users to call landline numbers through oovoo credit cards.

It integrates the popular social media platform Facebook and also allows users to chat with their friends. Another feature outstanding feature of this app is that it makes group video calls with up to over 10 people simultaneously.

We Chat

It offers various innovative means for voice chat and video calling. It is also an instant messaging app available for all mobile platforms like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows phones.

The voice chat feature on this platform, which streams voice messages, is useful when a person is not online.


Discord is a good application for voice chat over the internet. You may enjoy it by making direct calls to another user or you can also avail the facility of group chat. You can use this app for Android authority podcasts.

You may also use their anime, game, lifestyle, and other kinds of servers. You have the option to chat on any server but may change it if a certain server is not performing well.

Magic app

The magic app is one of the most popular voice chat applications which uses an actual phone number. The app also supports a cross-feature platform, SMS support, and support for calling landline calls.

It supports both mobile and computer. But this application is not free for the users, because you have to pay a certain fixed amount to avail of the services of this app.

Google Voice

Google voice is an excellent voice chat app that provides voice chatting services. As everyone knows, Google products are excellent in the market. It is free of cost for the users and they integrate it with Facebook.

Anyone can access it from a web browser, which is very easy, and you can dial the mobile number you wish to call.


“Tohla” is an Indian voice chat application and it will entertain you when you are in the mood for fun and want to share your thoughts with your family and friends. This is an innovative platform for indulging chat people 1 to 1 across the globe.

Talk to strangers now

Tohla offers various kinds of features, therefore everybody says this is a Desi Chat. With Tohla whatever you have in mind, you may share them without disclosing your identity.

The features like talking with strangers, random chat, and video chat are just exclusive for everyone. The major advantage of this app is that there is no registration fee, which is amazing.

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