Voice chat is better than text chat while talking to strangers

IMAGINE – You are texting on WhatsApp and you had a fight, What will be a better option- Trying to sort things on a call or trying to sort it on a text.

Well according to me, sorting by calling will be better! Why?

On the call you can know the tone of the other person, you can get more clarity about the argument which can be missing in the text.

Similarly, when you are talking to a stranger, it’s better to have a voice call rather than text to know them better. You can know them better in that way.

Some other reasons for believing that a voice call is better than texting with strangers

Learn language easily

If you want to learn a new language it will be much better to interact with the stranger through call. You can always know the nuances better by interacting personally.

Sharpen spoken skill

If you want to improve your speaking skills then talking to strangers can help you in a big way.

It will give you confidence and if another person is native they can help you with pronunciations which can’t happen while you are texting.

More Personalized

When you connect through voice calls you have a chance to know the person personally.

Text chatting is a more detached process and voice calls can be a one-stop solution to remove that.

Easy and convenient

You might be typing long messages but others might not get the gist of your message. It might feel cumbersome to type that long or write again.

You can solve all these issues through the use of voice chats. If once you are not clear speaking again is much easier than typing it again.


While texting you don’t have much room for creativity but if you record you can try a bunch of creative things like recording songs and then recording your message in the same audio etc.

So a plethora of ways to be more creative and expressive can be found in this way.


While texting you can do multitasking too but while having voice chat it’s easier.

You have to record or speak and you can keep doing other things more smoothly.


Hearing somebody’s voice always feels better than texting. There is a feeling of satisfaction that overwhelms you with happiness.

Hence voice chat is better than text chat any day while interacting with others especially strangers.

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