Desi chat online vs offline

Humans are social animals and they need to interact with others in order to live. Hence, we have such great interest in chatting. We want to share and communicate with others to share ideas and learn new things.

Before the dawn of the information revolution, this share of ideas and information was very slow. One of the few things that were used for communication were letters, etc. But the chat was still a feat that can be done only by being physically present with the person you want to chat.

Since chat is like a continuous conversation that is used to exchange ideas it cannot be done by mediums that require a long time to reach for example Letters.

This limited our chatting capabilities but thanks to the advent of the information revolution the chatting has overcome the barrier of distance.

Desi Chat Online

We now can chat with our friends who are even half-world away by just one app. Hence online chatting has made our life more connected with our friends and family. But over time instead of being a boon, this has become a curse that cannot be undone.

This conclusion can simply be drawn by the fact that people though much more connected than the past are more isolated lonelier than ever before. Even when the friends are a click or tap away people are still less connected.

This has become a huge disadvantage of online chat and the greatest advantage of the offline chat (Desi chat). Since Desi chat involves meeting face to face it has a more emotional connection that online chat. That’s why meeting a friend and talking feels very positive even if you have been connected to them with online chat for a long.

Moreover, the share of information in desi chat is more productive than online chat. This is the reason the meetings are in offline form unless there is an emergency. Also, since there is face to face contact in a desi chat emotion are more freely exchanged instead be limited by Online chat.

Therefore, jokes and stories; anecdotes have more impact on desi chat. Also, Offline chat i.e. Face to face chat solves the problem of introverts which can be said as the root cause of being lonely.

Unlike the online chat which has isolated people in their own space desi chat has always been a great solution.

Desi Chat Offline

Although Online chat has many disadvantages, it is still indispensable. That is why even after so many imperfections it is still considered important. Even though offline chat is more bonding but it is limited by time and place. You cannot chat offline with an American friend from India.

Also, you cannot talk anytime to a distant friend with a desi chat. Hence Online chat thus comes in handy when you are about to talk to someone who is not physically present.

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Hence every type of chatting has disadvantages and advantages and so it is important for a person to use them wisely according to need. Online chatting nevertheless has made the world a small place and has made our lockdown period survivable.  but still, offline or desi chat still rules the heart.

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