A short fiction love story on a desi girl and an urban boy

The Boy

Once upon a time, there was a boy who lived in an urban area, his name was Richard. He did his schooling and after that went for higher studies in Pune. He was an intelligent and bright student and also respectful to other people.

His family background was also good and never did wrong things or got trapped in wrongdoings.

Richard is very steadily and calmly grew up and all his work was done properly and neatly without a single error.

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Though after every good thing one bad thing is always present to complete it, the same goes for Richard’s personality where he had a bad habit to belittle someone whom he does not like either by looks or by behavior.

The Girl

One day, a girl named Pooja came to study in the same college in Pune, where Richard studied. Everything went fine until the class got over. Pooja didn’t have any friends neither she knew anybody in college. Everything was new to her, even the city was new to her so she was a little hesitant to cope up with the surroundings and to adjust since she belongs from a village in UP and had a desi culture all over.

So, she was new to everything and was scared to adjust in such a different environment after all being a typical desi person, and adjusting to an urban society is quite hard but not impossible.

They met

Richard saw Pooja in a break after the class and didn’t like her at all, so he started bullying her and made fun of her, to which Pooja felt hurtful and started crying.

He got stunned seeing a girl crying because he hasn’t seen anybody crying in front of him so he made her tears wipe and did everything to make her stop crying.

Pooja then very slowly told him everything that where is she from, what is she facing in this new city and she hardly knows anybody in this city; all the problems that she has been facing.


Richard patiently heard every bit of her words and started feeling for her and went kind to her.

He used to help her in everything and was always by her side from that day which brought the two of them much closer as they were earlier.


He started feeling for her and took extra care for her eventually Pooja got love-struck with him and they soon began dating happily.

Love is in the air! A feeling that can’t be expressed verbally but can only be felt. No words can express the proper definition of what love is like; everyone has their own definition of love and that’s how Richard felt for Pooja where he himself doesn’t know when he felt for her simultaneously for Pooja too.

It is said to be the best feeling in the world if one gets to know who is capable and good for each other.

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