7 Ways to deal with a difficult boyfriend

Sometimes we are stuck with people that are so important to us that we can’t lose them not because we are selfish or want something from them but because we love them and know how good they are no matter how badly they behave at that point. This happens a lot in couples and lovers.

To solve a problem, we must understand what the cause of the problem is the same goes for dealing with difficult boyfriend. In boys the main reasons of this can range from going through a rough phase, jealousy (might be because of girlfriend being too cheesy with someone), disappointment (whether because of you not giving enough importance to his advice or doing something which made her lose faith in you)and in worst cases this is his true nature ( we always try to portray our self as best in front of others and maybe your boyfriend was deceiving you from the beginning but that’s a worst-case).

Good thing you are trying to handle it like a good girlfriend which is a good thing as you are not right away breaking the relationship So if this happens with your boyfriend here are few ways to handle it.

Convince him to open

By this, You will know what is bothering him and will come close to helping him a lot. Many times, the reason behind the roughness of the boyfriend is because of the problems he is facing. Tell him it is alright to talk about what is bothering him. This will make him comfortable around you and after some time he won’t hesitate in telling you his problem. Having the level of openness and understanding in relationships is very good and this can help you in overcoming any problem. Just remember to have patience.

Support Him

This is the best way of helping him. If he is going through anything which is making him behave badly then you can support him by telling him his strengths and no matter what happens you are with him. This will give him the power to face his problems. Although problems in life are not an excuse for him to behave badly with you but here give him benefit of doubt. Understand he might not be having this intent towards you. When things became good you can confront him about his behavior by telling him how you felt, just don’t try to make him feel guilty.

Undo Mistakes

If your boyfriend is unhappy regarding something you did then talk about it, tell him your side of the story, and reasons why this was your action. Try an open and peaceful conversation with him. If you think he was right about something assure him that you’ll be careful in future not to repeat this in the future. If he is unhappy about a certain path of relation, then you can both come to a middle ground and talk a solution out of it. In relation you can’t be selfish you have to think about others too.

Go on a date

This can be unorthodox when not done by a boy, but this will lift his mood. Take him for his favorite movie or a place. You don’t need to do something expensive only thing that matters here is emotions. He will see this and regret being rough or ungrateful to you.

Make him aware of his behavior

Sometimes people don’t understand they are behaving like trash unless you confront them about their behavior. The same can be true with your boyfriend. You might need to tell him he is acting badly to you and this is not good. This might be a bit radical but an important step to consider.

Take a break

This doesn’t mean you are breaking up. Sometimes all the talks and discussions turn into a fight no matter how careful both parties are. In this scenario, the best thing is being an apart for some time as this will give you and your boyfriend much needed peace of mind to rekindle the flame that was the power of this relationship.

Let him go

This is like the last resort which you will have to do when things go out of hand. you have your limits to endure. You also deserve a partner that you can rely on in bad times. Sometimes you can’t change someone for good and they always bring you pain so you must let them go. You might think this is selfish but thinking about yourself is not selfish in this case but self-love. It might be tough for both of you but best for both of you or at least you.

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