7 tips to break up with someone nicely

We, humans, try to find happiness in our life, happiness in form relationships is the most common one. But sometimes things don’t turn out as they should have been, a quite common trait of relationships among couples and when things stop looking up.

It is the time you should consider your relationship as commitments become excuses, situations are blamed.

These plenitudes of signs foretell that it’s time to break this relationship for good not only for oneself but for the others. Although one should not be a proponent of a break-up as these relationships are close to one’s heart that they make heart quite fragile when not ended properly.

A break-up should only be an answer when it can produce efficacious results for both sides, here selfishness should be as a pinch of salt as this can hurt others, you might save others but compromise others’ feelings which will come back to you as repercussions in life.

So, here is how one can achieve this by an apposite approach although no one, not even the scholar can be a savant in these things as these things are human behavior unpredictable as the sea they are.

Make up your mind

It is quite an important step for you to consider yet most knotty part of this process. It needs one to be a true penny to himself as here, emotions and rational thinking should be considered while making a decision.

A shock of the breakup can be traumatizing not only for your partner but you too. Only an acumen person can make the right decisions in this situation, so the question is how to be one? Share your doubts and concern with your partner, seek a solution together before the break-up.

If your concerns are not solved, then ask yourself why this relationship is not working? If the answers of this are many but nothing can be done about correcting them, make up your mind.

Think about the conversation you are going to have

As now you have made up your mind try to think of the right place and time of talking about this to your partner. The right strategy will minimize the shock that others will get as it is evident when he/she hears you.

Be rational while thinking about the strategy and exercise compassion toward the other. Try being neutral, non-accusatory, non-blameful, compassionate, direct, and honest when thinking.

It is important your thoughts should not be waggish when thinking delicate things like these.


It will make things soft not only for the others but for you too. Try to think this as how you will feel if you were in his/her shoes.

This will give him some time and support when going through your break-up decision. Being aggressive and making your partner contrite will only make matter tangled up.


Accept the fact that you can control everything that their reaction won’t be always as you predicted.

This will help you with better tackling the situation. Also, this will stop your mind from ruminating that event hence stopping you from spoiling your potential.

Reinforce your decision in mind

Always remind yourself that your decision is not bad it is completely justified. This happens in a situation where you care too deeply about your partner’s emotions.

It is a noble virtue feel deeply and a curse too. So, try to reduce this guilt by justifying your decision based on truth.

Be physically present

This is quite important as this will make things warm. Many times, people simply text or call for the break-up.

Little they envisage the pain and shock one gets when getting news from these mediums. Also, this makes one appear Supercilious which is very bad.

So always have the courage to face your partner no matter how uncomfortable and stressful it is.

If you want a reason, then “You owe it to your partner face to face” This will show that you care for them and relationship genuinely and it is unfortunate it didn’t work.

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Avoid being equivocal and waggish

Few people think that being diplomatic or clever works a very good approach. This thinking is the result of a puissant mind-set. It is very bad as when doing break-up, you should be having a crystal-clear intention.

But people with this mind-set try to blame all of this to their partner. They try to be passively aggressive and hence desperately trying to make their partner contrite to reduce their guilt of failure.

This makes it extremely cruel on others and will result in an outcome which no one will revere. Hence be humble and understanding when breaking up.

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