How to chat with foreigners on Facebook?

One of the most used social media applications is facebook, this application has brought such a drastic change in everyone’s life either it is in a positive way or in a negative way. Though everything does have its pros and cons mainly we must keep in mind what is right for me and wrong for me.

So, in this article, we will be discussing how to chat with foreigners on Facebook. Facebook is an application where wide connections are made with one another, it connects hell lot of people in seconds.

It keeps you connected with one another socially and also helps you to know many new things and showcase your platform on Facebook. When it comes to chatting, you can chat with the connected friends be it a foreigner.

To chat with a foreigner, it’s a must that one must know the English language because English is the most suitable language used as it is understandable to every person.

Chat with a Foreigner

Thus, to chat with a foreigner one must know the English language so that it becomes easy for them to communicate and share their views effectively. You can begin your chat with foreigners by asking their name, place, home, hobbies, etc. the general talks are always the best thing to start a conversation from a stranger or with someone whom you don’t know.

Eventually, when you both get comfortable in talking and have known better to each other you may then continue with the further talks about likes and dislikes etc. one must keep in mind that not all foreigners are good and kindhearted, some can be mischievous; can loot you or fool you talking rubbish to you and can also harm you in some of the other away. So, one must keep these points in mind while chatting with a foreigner.

There are several pros and cons regarding this which are as given below-


  • Mutual understanding
  • Get to explore things
  • Sense of belongingness
  • Harmony
  • To know about their culture


  • Distrust 
  • Create fallacy
  • Deceive
  • Loot you
  • Harm you
  • Destroy you
  •  Disharmony

According to the safety purpose, I would like to say that “your safety is in your hands”, no one else is going to save you from anything, it is you who is responsible to save yourself. If you feel something nasty or filthy while chatting to a foreigner you can immediately block that person from Facebook rather than exaggerating any further issue related to the same. Safety is a must, and when it comes to social media then safety becomes double. 

We conclude that you cannot wholeheartedly trust anybody, thus it would be better if you chat precisely and know the person how is he. If you feel that the person with whom you are chatting seems to be a good person then you may continue chatting to him, if not then better to block him right away without wasting a single second and keeping yourself very safe to avoid disharmony. 

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