Ways to know your neighbour and turn them into friends

Being in a society is all about being social which means one must make bonds, trust understanding its neighbours. But it doesn’t mean one has to do comply with all social norms specifically by one which you are uncomfortable with.

This is not a great feat if you are living in society for a long time, things get a bit of excitement when you move to a new residence especially when you have traveled to a new socio-political region where there is entirely different culture quite common in a globalized world.

It is necessary to quickly blend in because it is neighbours that decide how much social peace you will experience. It is not new to hear people complaining about the bad relations with neighbours and gossiping the same mostly in urban centers but it is also common for people to make good relations with neighbours so good that even when after shifting to new locations people are still in touch with their former neighbours warmly. Also, many times it is neighbours that help in need when there is no one to approach.

Hence it becomes an important task to accomplish when moving to a new neighbourhood (unless you are a secret agent who can’t afford to have a risk of losing nuclear secrets). The thing one should consider while befriending a neighbour is that they should decent or at least not bad because having contact with bad people can eventually lead you to trouble.

There are many ways of doing this and few of them will even help you in your day to day life making contact

Going for the walk to the nearest park

This is not just a plain walk. It is about interacting with the people in the park and talking about various things which are common interest. Try to make this less topic Oriented more social after all you don’t want this to turn into a debate. Ask about them and there work this will give you a general idea about how they.

Be polite

This is the key ingredient of making good relationships be it with neighbours or family. It makes others feel that a person is not a threat or resistance. They can be trusted. No one wants rude neighbours. It will also help you in gaining trust and getting information about them.

Listen to gossips

This might sound ridiculous but gossips can do help you perceive a general idea about someone even if not correct entirely. But always remember don’t be part of gossips or gossiper because that is bad. In worst cases, the neighbour of whom you were gossiping can know. Gossips can never be trusted but they are important for perception making even if one doesn’t like it. On the positive side people of whom gossips are done are have something special that made people talk about them.

Attend Social Events

This is very important because this gives people a chance of knowing you by formally meeting them. But if you are introvert than this might be a challenge but there is a trick try to find like-minded people in the party it won’t let you feel alienated. Also if you have a family then this won’t be a problem cause you will have a company.

Be helpful

 This will help you make a good relationship and also will make a good image of you. Helpful people are always welcomed everywhere.

Tell them about your work

This doesn’t mean you have to boast about your profession it means when someone asks about your profession try to make it look good and relevant to them. So relevant that your neighbourhood can rely on you regarding it. But be sure not to be a show-off there is a thin line between these two but it is a risk worth it. Try to sound like you are proud of what you do, don’t talk about your money, power. This will make a plus point by making them think that you love your occupation which is good.

Be firm

Last but not least be a person with bold personality is it in giving your views in discussions but also while doing something. Remember Firm and bold person are always seen as a leader and people to be respected. Just don’t be aggressive.

So these are ways that will not only help you make your good relationship with the neighbourhood but also in life.

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