Chat Avenue

One of the oldest online chatting websites where you can join yourself with random people and start chatting whatever you feel like chatting.

These are widely used chatting website where one can just chat anything, everything according to his/her comfort level with the person whom he/she is chatting with.

It is basically based on Java software and is used all over the world. You cannot neglect this site if you want a random chat with the person.

Chat Avenue is an online or lives chatting application where you can chat with random users and have fun with him/them.

There are around 19 different kinds of chat rooms available, and the person can join those chat rooms according to their interest and desire.

It is ranked #144 for computer electronics and technology/ social networks and online communities and #12855 globally.

Chat rooms which are free include several chats like-

  • Adult chat
  • Teen chat
  • Gay chat
  • Lesbian chat
  • Singles chat
  • Girls chat
  • Kids chat
  • College chat
  • Mobile chat
  • Webcams chat
  • Video chat and many more chats.

Rooms are administered by volunteer moderators and administrators.

Chat Avenue is an entertainment site that is available in ENGLISH language and served worldwide and provides chat services to the customers.

You do not need to register yourself on the website to talk to the random person

Chat for all age groups

Basically, the different chat rooms require different age groups which can be joined by the users. Likewise, adult chat is about 18years and older people can only join this chat room.

Briefing you about everything about chat, there are nineteen different chat rooms available on this particular website.

They consist of different features like chat room types whether it’s for adults or for general/normal for all age groups. The different age ranges are also available for the respected chat room type.

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The availability of microphone is also been mentioned for the respected chat room type and additionally the webcam availability also, i.e., some chat rooms do provide webcam availability for respected age groups like adult chats, cam chats, college chats, dating chats, etc.

Members are active most of the time, so you cannot get bored on the website, someone will always be available for you to chat with.

Sometimes becomes hard to keep the chatting in continuous, but it’s your responsibility how to manage all the problems efficiently and effectively.

Since, every single thing, topic or anything has its pros and cons. So, here we will be discussing that respectively-


  • You will create mutual happiness
  • Sense of belongingness
  • Get to know more about people
  • Know their culture, religion
  • Increase general awareness with different kinds of people.


  • It is not necessary that everyone you meet will be good
  • They can harm you internally or emotionally
  • They can also fool you and then loot you
  • Not trustworthy
  • Can also hurt your sentiments
  • Can deceive you in any circumstances
  • Can hurt you mentally
  • Can also ruin you, which can cause a major problem to you and to your life

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Thus, these websites do provide a good source to boredom where you can chat with random people but also there can be many different negative aspects which one must keep in their mind before trusting any random people and setting limits to their own belongings. Your safety is in your hands, thus always talk safely.