Dadi speaking in English

Internet’s new sensation and also favorite Dadi Bhagwani Devi became renowned after an IPS officer Arun Bothra shared the video of Dadi speaking in English from his own twitter account.

She was seen doing commentary on Mahatma Gandhi. She was so fluently speaking that everybody got shocked and was amazed to hear her speak. The woman was seen wearing a white shirt and a red saree which basically belongs to Haryana.

People and viewers were amazed to hear her speaking so fluently in English that they can’t even imagine also.

Dadi On Rajiv Gandhi

Netizens were absolutely amazed and impressed by her fluent English and would ask for a lesson from her in her free time. Her video received over 3 lakhs views and comment section flooded with different expressions and affectionate messages for her.

The video of her was captioned with “how many marks out of 10 for the old lady?” were also interesting and eye-catching that people were unable to stop themselves from viewing her video twice or thrice.

She confidently spoke for long minutes and made everyone jaw dropped which really is a good start for the people who think that old lady or the senior citizen hardly know English or understands English.

Dadi on Mahatma Gandhi

Interestingly, there were several positive memes made and many did compare her English speaking with the renowned Shashi Tharoor as he is also a good English speaker and a good politician.

There were headlined made for this video which was like ‘tough competition to Shashi Tharoor”, which amazed many and made fun and frolic statements related to this.

The stereotype thinking of the people must be changed, they should not think people are uneducated rather must consider every age, gender at the same.

This lady broke the stereotype thinking in all the ways and made people stunned by speaking fluently in English which now a day’s people still can’t speak.

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Some people still aren’t fluent in speaking English but they are always ahead to belittle anybody rather than seeking in his/her own path. This old lady is a true example and an inspiration for everyone out there who saw this video, that one must not judge anybody just by their looks as we know “we can’t judge a book by its cover”, thus do your own work precisely.

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