What are the advantages of desi chat?

As technology is evolving at a fast pace more and more new apps and methods of communication are prevailing in digital platforms.

This has increased our efficiency of chatting but also has led to many problems which are still the strong points of Offline chat i.e. Desi Chat.

So here are a few advantages of ‘Gupshup that all of us love to do with our friends and families.

Meeting In Person

First and foremost, the thing that comes into someone’s mind when having a chat with a friend or colleague is how we should talk to them, whether we should call them or simply meet them.

And guess what when we have an option of the meeting then mostly, we opt for meeting in person. That is why even today people prefer to meet and have a chat over tea stall rather than on the phone if distance and time are not the barriers.

Emotions & Expressions

Also, desi chat is it can never be replaced when it comes to delivering the emotions. For example, when you are happy or sad and want to share this emotion with someone best way or even best choice people choose is by meeting them in person rather than calling them and telling them your story.

The reason is simple that is expressions are quite convenient to convey when we meet face to face that’s why most important discussions are still done in meeting physically or even we still prefer chatting offline with a friend who has been out for so long but has been in constant contact through phone.

That is the reason why desi chat makes an irreplaceable mode of chatting and communication no matter how much technology improves. Having a chat with a keen in the nearest café would never we out of date.

Depression and Isolation

Also, Desi chat solves the most prevalent problem in our society that is ‘Depression and Isolation’. It is quite an Irony that we are connected more than ever before.

People are just a call away but still, there has been a huge rise in cases of depression and isolation due to social media. Sarcastically people have 1000 friends on social media and yet few friends in real life. Desi chat hence comes in rescue it not only helps in finding new friends but also finding good friends. It helps one in making and keeping relations good.

Expert Advice

The experts’ advice to meet friends and go out to meet and chat people because conventional chatting(Desi chat) helps in overcoming depression and isolation which cannot be overcome by the digital means.

And the most important point that supports the desi chat is that it helps one to open up and make you better when you meet your friends and new people and talk to them it opens your mind and you learn new things and gain knowledge of your society and other stuff.

Start desi chat with strangers


The gossips you do with them tells you about society in general. Hence desi chat makes you less introvert and smarter and mingling which makes you likable. These are just a few benefits of desi chat if one thinks there are a large no of benefits if one explores.

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