Why desi people spend too much time on Gupshup?

Desi people are one of the most overwhelming people you will ever meet. They are full of positive thoughts, love, care, kindness, and many more which is unlimited. People talk and share things as if you are one of the family members among them.

They are lovable and seek everyone the same and so hearty and calm that you will feel a sense of belongingness once you meet them. Desi people are the most trustworthy person you will find in this cruel world.

Now a days, there are lot of changes one would see in every phase of their day to day life.

Nobody has time to talk to people, everybody is busy in their work-life be it personally or professionally. So, it’s quite hard to interact with other people in society which might cut you from the social world.

When it comes to desi people these people are looked down upon by high society people and many perceptions have been made upon them, basically, they aren’t given any respect from high-class people.

But to be very true, desi people are the people who bring energy in one’s life, they are full of charm and happiness that one can easily forget their problems and sufferings.

Why Gupshup?

Desi people spend too much time on Gupshup because they love to share their every thought, opinions, views about every little thing which then turns into Gupshup.

Though their Gupshup isn’t that crux to not be missed. But they usually love to spend to their time talking to people in their local language which ultimately will be a long-lasting chit-chat when you find someone of the same breed or same fellow as yours then your excitement is at another level where you get involved in full-fledged and interestingly play your part and indulge into it fully.


There are a few reasons which I think desi people spend too much time on Gupshup; also PROS-

  • Creates a sense of belongingness
  • Mutual understanding
  • Happiness
  • Harmony in relationship
  • Stress-relief
  • Harmony in society
  • Best time pass
  • Worldly information
  • Societal news information
  • Good source of information
  • No language problem


  • Time wastage
  • Useless
  • Trash
  • Passing wrong information
  • Back-bitching is more
  • Judging other people
  • Interfering other’s people lives
  • Nosy neighbour
  • No growth
  • Lack of upgradation


These are the cons and pros of what I think to come up when you spend too much time doing Gupshup with desi people.

Though it depends on the topic also, if the topic becomes too hot to handle then their Gupshup can go for hours and hours which is basically a critical case where they spend their lots of time doing Gupshup leaving all their work pending.

Experience it to the fullest, and make your decision correctly so that you don’t regret after making a conclusion and keep in mind there’s always pros and cons to every and little things so make your decision analytical and think wisely before taking a step in your Gupshup.

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