Chatib us is an online free chatting room where you get to know many new people all over the world, with a totally new culture, religion, region, language, and complete stranger without doing any registration.

It lets you meet up with totally new people and random people whom you have never been known before.

It helps you to chat with a stranger and overcome your introvert if you haven’t talked to a stranger before.

Though it may seem awkward to talk to someone you don’t know at first, once you become acquainted with them, you will quickly forget about the stranger and consider him or her a friend or a piece of your heart.

Once you use the Chatib website you will definitely have a wonderful experience and will fully enjoy the vibes you get from your friends. Getting new friends and knowing about them plays an important role somehow or the other; you will surely be thankful for the opportunity you get to talk or chat with random people.

Random Chat Rooms

It will help you in some way or the other because everything that happens always has something to teach; be it good or bad.

Chatib is a pleasant website and you can join different chat rooms according to your field of interest and can send private messages to users, send emoticons to users, or attach photos to messages.

These features are available on the Chatib website which is amazing and interesting. You can also create your own chat rooms and manage according to your comfort and needs. This will make you more creative and exploring in making your own chat room and can also name it very interesting so that more users can join your chat room.

There is also a random chat room, where you get connected with any of the random users whom you don’t even know and then allow you to chat with that random user.

Millie Cooper, CEO, and Founder of the Chatib us consisting of many different chat websites.


The purpose of is that it provides a free chat room where you can live chat with single men and women, random chat with strangers with a random user from different countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and people from all over the world at the same time and with multiple users you can chat with.

The simple purpose of Chatib is to provide fun and frolic to the users who are being connected to the Chatib; it provides pleasant chat to the users in talking and chatting with random users with single men or women.

So, you can get to know about different cultures, a different religion, and much other information through random users on Chatib. Therefore, the purpose of Chatib is very clear that they give you a platform where you can fully and completely chat with single men or women and can also create interest accordingly.


Every website has its own securities; be it an online shopping website or a chatting website. Chatib also have security and with that, there are rules made to chat on this website which is as mentioned below-

  1. The Chatib has strictly mentioned the age limit that a person above 18 years can only register, not below 18years are allowed.
  2. They are monitoring that messages aren’t being seen by everybody rather they try to keep everything personal and private between the two users.
  3. There are many clone sites available, which are duplicate of the original site and they usually make it monitor all private messages, photos that are not acceptable. But, Chatib takes care of such sites and it does not have any cloned site, unlike the original site.


  • Saves your travel expenses
  • Overcome your shyness
  • Create a mutual understanding
  • Create a sense of belongingness
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use and easily accessible.


  • Can create disharmony if they create distrust
  • It can ruin you mentally, emotionally
  • Can harm you
  • It can hurt your sentiments

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The review of Chatib is both positive and negative;

  1. positivity comes from the good behavior of people and happiness with the people while chatting
  2. negativity come when the people deceive you or harm you when you aren’t aware of.

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