Things Boys Love About Girls Apart From LOOKS!

“He saw her, and the world blurred around her as if everything was making him focus on her” Too comical and Romantic isn’t it? No doubt it happens but not like that or at least not that quick.

It takes time for the mind to comprehend the love, what people experience and misinterpret is a physical attraction which is quick but not everlasting.

Love is different for each and every individual as preferences are, but some general conclusions can be drawn based on research and ideas that generalizes the fact that boys fell in love faster than girls and even express it faster cause boys don’t question their emotions as girls do.

According to surveys men fall in love in 88 days (here I mean love is to confess. Honestly, love will only be evident for conclusions only when he confesses skipping the emotional part). Also, we usually love the things which we find special or like.

As for Boys, the most common misconception is they find looks special while looking at a girl but that’s a half-truth (I said ‘half-truth’ because looks do play a role not gonna lie). So, what is that makes a boy like a girl, lucky for everyone a here are the answers:-


The most underrated trait when choosing someone. To be rational A boy might be attracted to sophistication but will prefer simplicity. The reason behind this simply makes things and human nature easier to understand and when one understands something, he can reveal the beauty of it not just external but internal too and that the point when one starts loving it.

So next time better go with a simple attire on a date with a boy.


Now Let’s put suspicions aside passion is not always in erotic ways, here passion means dedication and commitment to something be it painting, cycling, music whatever the fact is boys like passion in girls because they see it as a goal and focus which is trait boys love. It makes them think that the opposite has a higher purpose which, a good man or boy will respect and admire.

Caring nature

It is a crown jewel in liking someone or to be straight a guy will fall for. Caring nature or compassion shown by girls towards pets, siblings, friends or anyone makes a heart melt. Boys usually see it as an angel trait and as for the fact, everyone loves peoples who help others. Better be more polite and helpful at least before your crush.

Being genuine

All the above comes to zero if you don’t have a genuine nature. The most pleasing thing a girl or even a boy can have that can win hearts is always showing the true side. Trust me fakes are the most despised thing in the world especially with nature. Show what you are not the one you think others will like. It will not only make you desirable but also trustworthy something boys try to look for but found rarely.

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Honor or self-respect

Quite uncommon not among the girls but least thought trait. It is usually misunderstood with ego and attitude. The difference between ego and attitude is that these 2 reduces humbleness but self-respect increases it you can observe it too. Boys like girls with self-respect, not attitude so better check next time. And one bonus, self-respect is shown in small things like paying half cost of food, travel, etc boys see this as beyond ‘call of duty’. It also means you won’t use anyone for your benefits as self-respect also means giving others respect too. (Some Girls do use boys like an emotional charger and it’s a truth).


What?! It is not just reserved for a boy’s girls who also have this. Being bold means the power to say the truth and not being voiced down by others. Saying what you think or stand for distinguishes you from the crowd. Boys see this as if she is thinking something, she won’t stall but simply say. Boys usually don’t trust girls who are not straightforward.

Trusting nature

You trust others and others will trust you back’ this doesn’t mean trust a random stranger but trusting nature with the right people will make them trust you back. Trust is a commodity that is rare as a diamond in this society and diamonds are always liked not only just by boys but also by people.

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