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DixyTalk allows you to do a free online chat with people from all over the world. They say that you can chat without registration and can make new friends in their chat rooms.

Free Registration

On DixyTalk, you need to do registration before starting a chat or you can start chatting by login in as a guest. It’s a small form asking for gender, your interest, user name country, state, and age. Only 18+ are allowed on this website.

dixytalk login as guest

In a free registration it will ask for email and password. Check the below form of registration

dixytalk registration form

How it works

After sign up as guest or free registration, check the list of all groups

Dixytalk Chat Room

Here you either choose the user and do the private chat with a stranger or choose your interested group.

Free Chat Group

Top group available on DixyTalk are

  • India Chat Room
  • South Asia
  • Pakistani Chat Room
  • 50+ ChatRoom
  • USA Room
  • 30+ChatRoom
  • General Chat Room
  • Single Chat Room.

Chat Area

After selecting the chat group you can see the all the messages in that group and you can start chatting

DixyTalk chat area

DixyChat is a good site, you can do chat or play the game as well. But, it is not 100% spam free. You may encounter fake people, fake profiles like any other talk to strangers’ website.

DixyTalk Features

Dixytalk provide a mobile-friendly chat rooms with no registration.

  • It connects you to the world.
  • You can share images.
  • It has a Free online chat room group and private chat rooms
  • You can do a public and private chat.

Try http://www.dixytalk.com

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