Chatpic allows you to upload images, share comments and talk with strangers without any registration. is a media-based platform where you share pictures for short time.

No Registration

The site is free and anyone can join the group or channels and upload photos and you don’t need to register on this site. you can participate as an anonymous guest.

How it works – Chatpic

Chatting on this site is simple, you need to create a room or join the existing channels.

In the channel, you will find pictures uploaded by visitors. You can do the vote or comments on these media and send messages by selecting the anonymous guest name.

Chatpic Channels

Chatpic chat rooms also known as channels are dedicated to a variety of topics like photography, gaming, or politics.

List of channels on chatpic

  • #Photography
  • #MangaAnime
  • #DigitalArt
  • #Wallpapers
  • #Technology
  • #Gaming
  • #Politics
  • #Funny
  • #Help
  • #15min

Channel Rules

And each channel or chat room can contain a maximum of 100 media i.e. photos and videos and the newest media delete the oldest one i.e. 100th.

Special Channel – 15Min

/r/15min/ – this channel is special. The “100” rule does not apply here. There is a special 15min rule and every image will be deleted permanently 15 minutes after posting.

Chat with strangers

Chatpic review

The idea is good for uploading images and asking for opinions. The site nature is anonymous and no control over user content.