7 Ways to deal with a difficult boyfriend


Sometimes we are stuck with people that are so important to us that we can’t lose them not because we are selfish or want something from them but because we love them and know how good they are no matter how badly they behave at that point. This happens a lot in couples and lovers.

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7 tips to break up with someone nicely


We, humans, try to find happiness in our life, happiness in form relationships is the most common one. But sometimes things don’t turn out as they should have been, a quite common trait of relationships among couples and when things stop looking up.

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Best Gifts for girlfriend


Now, when you have a girlfriend so it’s your responsibility to make it at an initial, you need to gift her something accordingly. So, some girlfriends might be like a tomboy or some sassy girlfriends, or some might be very traditional. Therefore, in this article, we are dealing with what are the gifts that can be gifted to a girlfriend.

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Valentine’s Day Surprise


Its been the end of January and starting of February and we all know February is mostly famous for valentine’s month. Every couple’s sugar delicious day; valentine’s day is on the way. Expectations, wishes, and desires have been made in each one of his/her minds. So, in this article, we will be discussing several valentine’s day surprises for unmarried couples as well as married couples.

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How to get a girlfriend


You might have read many quotes, an article or anything where you have been through many inspirational stories which say, ‘walk alone, rather than walking with a bad company.’ Though it’s true, you can’t just rely on it every time.

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What is a blind date?


Dating someone you know can be romantic, but have you ever been on a date with someone you never met before? That is known as a blind date.

A blind date is an arrangement made for you to spend a romantic evening with someone you have never met before.

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Dating tips for women


Women are the most living thing in this world, not just because they give birth but also, they are the soul of the house. Without them, each and everything seems dull and rotten which really can create a bad impact on one’s life. Looking for dating tips for women

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